Roof Coverings

The basic roof covering is 45Kg green mineral felt. Other options on which can be added ontop of the felt, see below for details.

1)Reinforced fibreglass felt roofing shingles. We only use roofing grade shingles, typical of the ones found on houses in Norway or Sweden.

2) Cedar shingles. We use 2 types, western red or eastern white, both of which fade to a silver colour over time.

3) Stone coated roofing sheets. These are a light weight steel sheet that has been stone coated to look similar to a roofing tile,

4) Sedum roofs. These help reduce the flow of water from the roof and reduce the environmental impact of the building, and can be used on all buildings, but often help where planning is an issue.

5) Slatted roofs

6)Thatched roof. We work closely with a master thatcher and can make a building suitable for a thatched roof. However thatched roofs  work better with a minimum roof pitch of 35 degrees, so they tend to have  steep roofs. This will give the roof longevity and should last 30-40 years.

The above roof coverings are available in a variety of shapes and colours to provide a vast array of roofing option.

Other products can be fitted at the request of the customer.

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